Meet Michael

Founder and CEO of iLoveKickboxing, one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world. Owner of 5 highly successful martial arts schools (with more on the way). Coach of martial arts and fitness experts who helps them achieve more freedom and more profits than ever. Marketing wiz. Dog lover.

Meet Adam

"My favorite part of coaching is seeing the before and after transformation. I love it when I get to see school owners changing the way they see and think about their business in order to help it grow. When a client tells me that I helped to change their family's life, there is nothing more powerful."

Rave Reviews

"Changed my life. And helped increase my gross by $20k/month."

David Alvas

Martial Arts School Owner

"Thanks to team Parrella’s Coaching & MABS...
I've made an additional $500k since MABS 2015."

Manny Cabrera

Martial Arts School Owner

Stories like these are why I do it. - Mike Parrella

"I'm enjoying owning a school again, like when we first opened."

Mark Williams

Martial Arts School Owner

Programs for growth

An Ever-Growing "Stash" of
Strategies, Tactics, & Done-for-You
Marketing to Grow Your School, FAST.

Mike Parrella's 6-Figure MasterMind.
For School Owners Ready
For Rockstar Numbers...
While Working Way Less Hours.

It's here: The 1-on-1 coaching
program from Team Parrella that's
taken hundreds of schools from
where they are now... to where
they've always wanted to be. We
know what it takes to grow schools.
And we want to share it with you.

Imagine asking the founder & CEO of a $10 million / year martial arts-fitness company ANYTHING. each and every week. That's what M.A.N. is all about.

Now offering soup to nuts Online Business Training for Martial Arts School Owners! We value the importance of rank and learning. It's why you won't find recycled junk or jargon in our classes. Just hard-hitting, professional courses to help you stop the struggle and be truly profitable!.